Bringing Digital Gaming To Calgary Press Release

Bringing Digital Gaming To Calgary

A born and raised Calgarian is building a new digital world for the city

CALGARY, January 29th, 2019 – 4Rogue Media, a new independent digital creation company announces their soft launch for the company. 4Rogue Media provides new experiences for people of all ages by focusing on gaming and entertainment. With staff awaiting the signing of the lease for a building location in West Hillhurst, they are eager to get creating.

C.S. Knight, owner/founder and creative director of 4Rogue Media stated, “Calgary has such a vibrant, intelligent foundation and a worldwide reach, it honestly has always bothered me that we do not have a strong independent new media company. So why not start one?”

4Rogue Media consists of a small crew to start. An animator, Unity Developer, and a few artists, each member hand selected and living in Calgary. The first project they are working on entitled: LEGACY – A Fine Time is an homage to classic point & click adventures featuring a fully voiced cast from across North America. Details can be found here :

C.S. Knight followed up by saying, “Edmonton holds on the the world best developers. Renowned all over for their story, game play and involvement in the community. As a born and raised Calgarian, I believe we can do it better.”

To learn more about 4Rogue Media, their mission and how they plan to build a stronger community, please head over to

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