Fata Morgana – A Table Top RPG Adventure Game

I am pleased to announce the development of our first Table Top RPG Game! Fata Morgana is best described as a “D&D lite, rougelike, dungeon crawling with some PVP added.”

The idea originally came to me while I was developing a one-shot for Dungeons & Dragons. My players really wanted a PVP scenario. Any DM trying to balance a PVP fight, knows how had that is. So, I decided to build a system following a few key ideas;

  1. Character balance – so no one class can dominate. The rules/classes/abilities are designed to allow progression without sacrificing survivability.
  2. Quick Start & Replayability – There are 4 steps to starting a game. 1.) Pick your classes. 2.) Randomly choose 1 of 24 ‘stages’ 3.) Randomly choose the enemy types out of 24 possibilities 4.) Play the game.
  3. Story mode – Have enough story and characters built in that the game can be easily adapted to any table top RPG as a one shot or, as a stand alone campaign.
  4. Cost – Everything you need is available on digital pdf. You can use your own printer, models & what ever else. Alternatively, you can buy the physical copy and it comes with the maps, sheets, cards & books.

And that’s it. It’s simplistic enough that a 10 year old can run a game, while having enough complexity to allow a full campaign with an end goal, and final boss.

Obviously, balance tuning, enemies & stages are in need of proper work and testing, but that’s all part of the development.

For more info on Fata Morgana head over the page. You can even per-purchase now and help the development cycle go faster.

Finally, I am looking for artists to help with the artwork for the cards & level design, so if you know someone, send them my way. Jump on to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send an email through the contact page.

Looking forward to playing this with everyone.

Happy hunting.