Fata Morgana Table Top RPG Dungeon Crawler

Scheduled release August 2019

As this is a multiverse, it makes sense to have characters from every where possible. With that in mind, here are list of 12 characters you can play as.

*More info on each will be released as we get closer to the date, including artwork and backstory.

Early version of the character sheet.

24 Stages. Each stage is designed to kill the players. Traps, puzzles and a final boss keep the game flowing.
Every level is a unique stage based on several aspects of fantasy, history and story. The planes themselves are filled with not only encounters and traps, but a variety of psychological and horror based themes. Such as:

  • Gula
  • Luxuria/Fornicatio
  • Avaritia
  • Superbia
  • Tristitia
  • Ira
  • Vanagloria
  • Acedia

Just as there is 24 stages, there are 24 types of enemies to face. The amount of creatures & encounters depends on how many levels you completed before. They get stronger, faster and multiply with each new stage.


More info on PVP/PVE & Campaign modes coming soon.


As with all our projects, you are more than welcome to help us get to the project cap by pre-purchasing the game. There are 3 variations available, and each pre-purchase will be granted Alpha/Beta testing for the project. The link below will take you to Paypal secure payments.

DIGITAL COPY – Just the PDF’s and access to the Alpha/Beta builds – Unlimited qty

STARTER PACKAGE – Printed manuals, character sheets & cards. Everything you need to get started. – Only 500 available for pre-order

FULL PACKAGE – A custom box that contains the manuals, sheets, card + 24 maps, enemy tokens, 4 sets of dice & more. – Only 250 available for pre-order

**In addition, every purchase will also get tons of free goodies, and any additional levels we create over the years will be included for free.

***Shipping will be charged seperately when product is ready to ship.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy you stay in Fata Morgana!

Fata Morgana Funding Progress