Charity of Choice

Charity of Choice

We believe strongly in various charities, and are proud to focus our time, effort and money into one in particular. Gems for Gems is an amazing foundation that supports women who suffer from domestic abuse.


“Gems for Gems has identified the need to not only ease the pain created by the global epidemic of domestic abuse, but to do all within our power to end the cycle for as many women, and their children, as possible.

Empowering these women to empower themselves ignites the spark needed to create lasting change. Through our initiatives, that spark grows into the fire used to light the way to a new life for all.”

Founded by Jordan Guildford, Gems for Gems has been a solid foundation and is growing stronger every day. CS Knight (4Rogue Owner) has been involved with Gems for Gems since day one and will continue to support and spread the word for a long time to come.

For more information about Gems for Gems, please head over to their website


Southern Alberta Technical Institution
Film & Television Award

My father was a graduate of the Film & Video Production course back in the 80s. He loved every minute of it and still had friends from those days right until the end. So it seemed fitting that I would approach them to set up a award to help promote the next generation of creators.

It is a $20,000+ bursary and designed to help students with low income and a passion to be able to attend SAIT. The more we raise, the more I put in and the more the students get. It’s a win-win.

I am extremely excited for this partnership with SAIT, as they have so much to offer Canada. It’s truly a honour to be working with them.

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