About 4Rogue Media

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Who we are

4Rogue Media is a small independently owned media company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our passion is in entertainment, with a strong focus on video & table top gaming & web/television series.

The goal is to embrace our freedom of control by having no company investors, ever. Why? Because it guarantees our focus stays where it should be. On the quality of the product, and more importantly, the gamers & consumers.

Our Mission

To bring gaming and entertainment back to a time where the focus was on:

  • Quality – Not making faceless investors money.

  • Story – Vibrant rich universes and characters that will make you laugh, cry and overall, fall in love with.

  • Creativity – It’s time to see innovation and fresh new ideas come. Not rehashing the old.

  • Community – Where the company listens, participates and involves everyone that uses our products.

More Than Just Games

When you buy a 4Rogue game, you’re not only getting a top quality experience, but you’re helping to support a growing community. One built with the desire to help all creators further their projects.

Every developer, designer, artist has dreams, and more inside. Large corperations are dictated by boards, and share holders that don’t care about dreams. They care about profit. We aim to provide a space that individuals can find the resources and support they need to follow thier passions. Without taking away control or revenue.

Art by Rossowinch

Our Office

Located in Central Calgary, is a large office space that we are designing to house something for everyone. It has all the typical developer stuff, but with so much more.

We house the following:

An audio recording room to do in-house recordings. A media area designed for streamers & podcasters.

Printing area – With digital press production & large format printing

Meeting space – enough to hold about 12 people.

A complete second floor for any artists, designers, developers that need rent a space to work, or to use our systems to test.

Virtual mailbox systems for home-based creatives to use as a business address instead of having to use their home address, or pay outrageous prices at a Mailbox Rental store.

Eventually, being in a position to publish and distribute games, video, music, books and more from in-house. While keeping the money in the hands of the talented creators that made it.

So, when you buy a 4Rogue Media product, or help support our campaigns, you are helping to make all of this come true. So thank you.

Staying Independent

Making sure we create amazing content without having to rely on company investors is a difficult prospect. It means working twice as hard, and thinking outside the box.

Fortunately, that’s what we do best.

Our financing comes from a multitude of areas. From crowdsourcing, sponsorship to grants & loans. As long as our employees are paid fairly, and content is getting to our audience, that’s all that matters to us.

As soon as one project is funded, it goes into production. From there, the profits of that project roll into the next one. Much like a stepping stone. One helps fund the next, and so on.

Profit Sharing

The key component to 4Rogue Media is the people we work with. Without them, nothing is possible. We want to make sure to reward each person who played a part in creating anything we release. So, because we don’t have to worry about paying off investors, we can take that money and put it right back into the people who create.

A large chunk of all profits from our releases go directly into our employees. The simpliest way to break it down is like this:

50% of all profits go directly into 4Rogue for the next project.

50% gets divided up between everyone who worked on the project. From full time employees & actors to any freelance or contract artists/creators we hire.

Anyone whose blood sweat and tears go into a project should reap the rewards for its sale. Plain and simple.

The future

We have a solid 15 year game plan that contains 5 original IP video game series, 2 free-to-play mobile games, 1 table top RPG with expansions, 3 web series, short films and a few other projects. That is our base line.

Along side that, we will be ‘playing it by ear’ when it comes to additional projects. If an employee has an amazing idea, Hell yeah we’ll develop it. We would also love to build the company towards becoming a publisher as well as a developer.