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A great story can be told in many forms. Visual, auditory, emotional. We aim to bring it all to you. One story at a time.

Gems for Gems Documentary

It's with great honor that I announce that 4Rogue Media will be creating a documentary for the Charity Gems for Gems!

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Bringing Digital Gaming To Calgary Press Release

Bringing Digital Gaming To Calgary A born and raised Calgarian is building a new digital world for the city CALGARY, January 29th, 2019 – 4Rogue Media, a new independent digital creation company announces their soft launch for the company. 4Rogue Media provides new experiences for people of all ages by focusing on gaming and entertainment.…


Fata Morgana – A Table Top RPG Adventure Game

I am pleased to announce the development of our first Table Top RPG Game! Fata Morgana is best described as a “D&D lite, rougelike, dungeon crawling with some PVP added.” The idea originally came to me while I was developing a one-shot for Dungeons & Dragons. My players really wanted a PVP scenario. Any DM…

Continent Of Balan

Dungeons and Dragons with Teens

Dungeons and Dragons with Teens TL;DR – Running D&D with teens is so much fun. I suggest all DMs with kids do it. Just don’t be afraid to adapt. For the past year and a bit, I run a bi-weekly D&D game with my son and his 5 friends. It’s all home brew content, in…

Legacy Chapter One Cover

Legacy Chapter One

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. PLEASE VISIT THE NEW SITE FOR UP TO DATE INFO. Isometric 2.5D Point & Click Adventure game for PC. Total game play will be between 6-12 hours. Depending on how much of the lore you find out and how quickly you want to get to the end. What…